Rhododendron Clearance Egham Hythe

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Why Are Rhododendrons Difficult To Maintain?

The plant itself will produce a large quantity of seeds. Each plant is capable of producing anywhere from 3 – 7000 seeds. These seeds then collect and gather underneath your soil making it difficult to control in the future.

Are Rhododendrons Harmful To Animals?

The rhododendron plant is toxic to mammals meaning small children and pets may be in danger if you have a rhododendron plant in your garden. The toxic chemicals are present in the leaves, flowers and nectar.

Rhododendron Clearance Egham Hythe

By Choosing Pineridge Treecare For Rhododendron Clearance In Egham Hythe, you’re guaranteed to have a detailed, extensive and expert service with neutral advice which you can rely upon and trust.

Commercial Rhododendron Clearance

As domestic and commercial tree surgeons in Egham Hythe, Pineridge Tree Care offer a viable solution for clearing Rhododendrons from your woodland. We offer the best advice and support by using our wealth of knowledge and experience to our commercial clients.

The very first steps that you should take in any rhododendron control programme should be to identify and quantify the true extent of the problem. Once you have a good visual on this you will then need to choose the most efficient and appropriate method of rhododendron control. Long-term planning is essential and commitment is required to ensure the work is completed successfully and the objectives are met, for example, eradication within an entire woodland area may take 7–10 years.

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Commercial Woodland & Vegetation Clearance

A long side clearing rhododendrons for commercial clients, we are also able to provide woodland and vegetation clearance in Egham Hythe for private estates, local councils and private land owners.

We have the team, the tools and the experience that also comes with a passion for delivering the best woodland clearance service for our commercial clients.

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