Crown Reduction Guildford

If you're looking for crown reduction in Guildford then look no further. Our company is at the forefront of providing only the best tree surgeons in Guildford that specialise in crown reduction for your trees.

When a tree becomes too high and starts to cause problems such as blocking out sunlight or growing into its surroundings then you need a, ‘crown reduction’, this is the process of reducing the height of a tree, and re-shaping it to fit more appropriately into its surrounds. Whether you have multiple trees or a single tree - we can help you with crown reduction in Guildford.

We only use experienced, qualified and professional tree surgeons who understand how to carry out reductions whilst maintaining a healthy tree and the local environment.

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Crown Reductions Guildford

A crown reduction reduces the height of the canopy usually, around 15%. The pruning cuts will be small to prevent harming the tree and encourage healthy regrowth.

A completed crown reduction will reduce the wind resistance of the tree which improves its strength against storms and strong winds. If you're looking to improve or increase the amount of sunlight that passes through your trees then tree felling in Guildford may be a better option for you.

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Advantages Of Crown Reductions

  • More light is allowed to pass through the tree brightening up your garden.
  • The ability of the tree to stand against adverse weather conditions is increased.
  • Crown can be selectively thinned for aesthetic reasons ensuring a well spaced and balanced branch structure.

If you're looking to improve more of your landscape then there are many more other options available with us that can help improve the look and feel of your property. Most property owners that take out tree felling services often forget that there will be tree stumps visible unless they take out stump grinding in Guildford as an additional service. Please also keep in mind that once our team has began carrying out work to your property, you can always ask a member of our team about our other services like hedge trimming in Guildford and we even offer tree thinning in Guildford.