Bespoke Furniture Surrey

Imagine you have a tree in your garden that you need to get rid of.

These days, taking down trees can be seen as a negative impact for the environment but when the tree is located in your property, it could be deemed essential.

Utilising The Timber

The tree doesn't have to go to waste. Not only can it be turned into mulch to help future plants or trees but also be up-cycled into bespoke furniture.

Kitchen timber worktop

So the tree that's been in your garden for the past 50 years could be turned into a table, door frame or a worktop! It's a special way to not only be creative but to also be more sustainable.

For Bespoke Upcycling In Surrey - call 01932 640152

Advantages Of Reusing Timber

  • Ecologically viable solution
  • Unique product choice
  • Fantastic reselling point
Bespoke timber Kitchen worktop
bespoke timber outhouse
bespoke kitchen window frame

Repurposing cut down trees is a brilliant idea if you want your property to have character.

Counter tops, door frames, staircases and any other bit of wooden furniture in your home could be from the trees in your property!

Bespoke Timber Shed

Bespoke Timber Sheds

If your garden is rife with trees that you want removed, simply call 01932 640152 and we can repurpose those into a shed.

We're able to build any structure for your garden from your own timber including:

  • Sheds
  • Garden tables
  • Seating
  • Fencing

How Do We Do It?

For us, it's a pretty straight-forward process.

We fell the tree(s) on your property and then mill the timber.

We design and then cut to the correct dimensions and it's done!

Obviously there's more to it than 3 simple steps but we won't bore you with the details.